venerdì 5 dicembre 2008


2 gorgeous envelops from Australia

Today there was a big surprise in my mailbox: not 1 but 2 envelops from Australia: at last my Angel swap is arrived! And how surprise to see the wonderful works Val prepared for me!
We wrote ourselves several times because she was very worried, but Italian postal service is so inefficient that a letter from Australia to Italy takes almost 2 months!
Here you can see my presents: the one I prefer is the soft heart case for buttons, needles and pins! Then a bag for my unfinished works (too many!) ad a lot of gadgets: buttons (the cat an mouse ones are great), fabrics, silk ribbon, quilt tags, a lace and a key case.

Today my little boy is at home (he has a cold and cannot go to infant school) and he falls in love with the koala diary and pen. Here you can see his big smile

Thanks, Val!

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